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My name is Tomas Berka

I am a Film & TV Production Assistant/Runner with experience in Commerical and Film shoots as well as in Live Broadcasts.

I am over 21 years old with a Full Clean Driver's License and based in London and Prague (Czech Republic).



I’m a former Film BA student from the University of Westminster. During my studies, I was mainly in the Production and AD Departments. So far, I have worked on music and sports events, as well as a few Commercial shoots,

Live broadcasts and Film shoots in the roles of a Production Assistant, Runner, Rigger,

Location Marshal, Location Assistant and Driver.

Additionally, I have years of experience driving vans (Sprinter, Crafter, Transporter) and am more than comfortable driving in the UK.

RunCzech - OL 2022
RunCzech - OL 2022
RunCzech - OL 2022
RunCzech - UL 2022
RunCzech - GP 2019
LTLO 2022
LTLO 2022
LTLO 2022
OF 2021
Grill Academy 2022

Working for the Best

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If you want me to be a part of your next production, please do not hesitate to contact me

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